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About Evrosystems...

Evrosystems, Inc. is a forward-thinking IT firm that provides consulting and development services to small and mid-sized businesses in Chicago and the Chicago metro area. We are a small team of highly motivated professionals with a verifiable record of accomplishment.

We seek to do meaningful work that provides significant results, to the benefit of ourselves, our colleagues, and most importantly, our clients. Our mission is to provide small and mid-sized businesses with comprehensive Information Technology services that are proficient, honest, effective, economical, and reliable. Being a small business ourselves, we deeply understand the needs and desires of other small businesses; providing you with the attentiveness and customer support that is rarely found in a large firm.

We recognize it is our responsibility to understand your organization's requirements and to design and deliver solutions that meet these requirements and exceed your expectations. Through a series of analysis and review sessions with appropriate decision makers, along with application and screen prototyping, we identify requirements and prepare functional specifications. From there, we use proven techniques and technologies to develop and implement your custom solution.

Our Clients

Hireology Drivin

Uptake Urbanbound